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Losing too much time micromanaging your fleet? Expiring crew visas and certificates, maintenance tasks that are being performed too late, spare parts running continuously out of stock?

Meet MXSuite: the simple solution to fleet management.

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With MXSuite you only select the modules you need. Want to take your business operations to the next level? Combine different modules for an even more efficient and optimal fleet management.

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Fleet management done right

simplicity is the key

MXSuite is the simple solution to fleet management. It’s easy to use and packed with possibilities. Our diversity of modules cover the challenges of today. Whether you want to keep track of work and rest hours, schedule maintenance tasks and safety drills, or manage all your documents and certificates, our software is designed to give you just what you need. 


Manage your staff

Keep track of hours and documentation

Expiring visas, tracking work and rest hours, safe manning; let us handle that. Our Crewing module covers anything you need to keep your crew good to go.

Overview of all crew members and documents
Keep track of work and rest hours
Validate safe manning requirements

Ease the data burden and comply with regulations

Ease the data burden on your crew and easily comply with regulations with MXSuite. Our modules effectively store documents which can easily be retrieved when needed. Link manuals to maintenance tasks or generate QHSE reports from your templates. With all safety drills planned and necessary measures in place, compliance has never been this easy.

All safety drills performed in time
Keep track of your inventory of Hazardous Materials
Track all data per voyage: ports, cargo, and documents
All documents stored in one place
Maintenance & parts

Schedule maintenance and keep track of stock

Always one step ahead. Because prevention is better than cure. With our technical modules you can be assured maintenance is performed on time. And with our modules for purchasing and inventory your parts management is always up to date, with essential parts in stock.

Trust that you do the right maintenance, at the right time
Use asset management for your stock
Easy overview of maintenance tasks and history

easily order and manage parts

Easily order anything your company requires, whether these are parts below the minimum stock level or needed for maintenance. Configure your own order flow, specific to your company policy. With our Purchase module everybody knows the status of a purchase order in every process stage.

Easily order parts directly from maintenance or inventory
Set your desired process flow for purchase orders
Get insight in order history and supplier data
Easily manage your warehousing and invoices

Data-driven optimization

MXSuite collects data that can be used for key insights and continuous improvement. Optimise your fleet management easily with automatically generated KPI reports and dashboards.

Easily generate reports and KPI's
Direct insight of all data on all vessels
Realtime dashboard for strategic insights
Documentation, check

Certificates, documents and QHSE reporting

All documents stored in the right place. Save your manuals for maintenance tasks, monitor your certificates or generate documents and reports for QHSE. Not only does MXSuite register information, it also notifies you when important documents and certificates expire.

All certificates up-to-date
All documents in one place
All travel documents saved
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Whatever your challenge is, we’ve got you covered. Select the modules you need or make smart combinations. Just need your maintenance covered? Consider it done. Need to track work and rest hours? We’ve got you. In addition, we’ll throw in some nice features to make your fleet management even easier.

The user friendly solution

What sets us apart is that MXSuite is easy to use for the people that need to use it. Onboard and in the office. Because what’s the point of having software that is not helping the people that need to work with it?

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