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Accurately display all database information. View the information you need and easily add them to a default report, or generate your own.

What is the maintenance status of the fleet for the current month?
How many tasks have been overdue in the past 3 months? And for how long on average?
What purchase orders have been made in the past quarter, divided per cost code?

MXSuite Reports

easily generate reports of important data

MXSuite Reports is a module which is default part of MXSuite and usable for all users. The module displays all database information from the selected MXSuite modules, which can easily be added to a report. 

visualize your data

select default reports or generate your own

MXSuite contains several default reports, but reports easily can be generated using the MS SQL Report Builder. MXSuite Reports provides default reports for a.o. maintenance fleet reports, critical performance indicator reports and purchase order reports.

  • With our Documents module you are able to create templates for your QHSE reports. 
  • Our new MXSuite Dashboard visualizes important data and gives key insights to further optimize your business operation.

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Assets Tasks fleet report

This report gives you an overview of the task status of the fleet for the current month. The overview shows the status of critical (C) and non critical (NC) equipment as well as the defects and docking tasks. A total percentage is calculated of the overdue tasks, divided in critical and non critical tasks.

Critical performance indicator report

This report shows how many tasks are overdue, and the total count of days they are overdue.

Overview purchase per cost code

The report shows over a selectable period of time all purchase orders divided per cost code with related amounts.

Purchase order packing list

To create a packing list directly from MXSuite, we developed the PO packing list report. Select your locations (ships), the status in the order flow, and generate the report. Simply like that!

Education overview

In this report it is possible to select one of the predefined educations. The report shows an overview of all crew members that have the selected education in their records together with date of issue and date of expiry.

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